Administrative Capabilities

How do you manage all these lockers? Pretty easily, as it turns out.

Easily View Locker Bookings

Whether the locker is only reserved for a few hours — or the entire school year — our dashboard gives you a way to see all of your reserved lockers at-a-glance. Search bookings by student name, assigned locker, start and end date, or the booking barcode and have access to all the information you need.

Manage All Lockers with One System

Have hundreds — or thousands — of lockers peppered throughout your campus? Keep track of all of them with one system. You can drill down from building, to locker bank, to individual locker — and we make it easy to search and view all parts of your operation to make sure all is running smoothly.

Keep Track of Your Revenue

This system doesn’t just help with locker management — it also helps with revenue management. Easily access each transaction as well as all payments, refunds, and withdrawals. Generate invoices, depending on how you decided to set up your system. All the numbers are at your fingertips — making it easy to measure the ROI.

Create Custom Communication

Tailor your communication to your users based on your preferences. Send follow-ups to students as little — or as much — as you need to depending on the rental period, and customize the messaging depending on the audience.

Now that you’ve taken a spin through the tech, let’s show you all the different ways to use it. Head to our Applications page to see the many ways the Rent Your Locker system can be used on your campus.